Eine Liga für sich - Buschis Sechserkette

German Version of “A League of Their Own” Premieres March 13th on Sky 1

The first sports comedy show ever in Germany premieres on Sky 1.

“Eine Liga für sich – Buschis Sechserkette” premiering March 13th at 8:15pm, is hosted by popular TV host and sports commentator Frank “Buschi” Buschmann. The hilarious comedy panel show is recorded at MMC Studios in Cologne.

“Eine Liga für sich – Buschis Sechserkette” (A League of Their Own – Buschis Back Six) features two teams of three—with comedians paired up with sport-loving star guests—who go head-to-head to correctly rank comedic sporting lists over a number of rounds, building to a large-scale physical endgame.

Team captains are former national team handball player Stefan Kretzschmar and former national team football player Stefan Effenberg. In the show premiere, their team members are TV host Panagiota Petridou, Sky sports presenter Jessica Kastrop, football coach Peter Neururer and comedian Matze Knop.

Produced by Redseven Entertaiment, the series is recorded at MMC Studio 35 in Cologne. On behalf of Redseven Entertaiment, the MMC Studios are responsible for the technical production and MMC Studios’ Art Department is in charge of the set construction. Account manager Maria Lorf supervises the production for MMC Studios.

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Eine Liga für sich - Buschis Sechserkette

“Eine Liga für sich – Buschis Sechserkette” at the MMC Studios in Cologne. © SKY Deutschland GmbH/Willi Weber

“Eine Liga für sich – Buschis Sechserkette” is a high-energy, supersized panel show that blends sports, comedy and entertainment. Taking its cue from sports fans’ obsession with lists and statistics, every week celebrity guests join team regulars as they battle it out across three riotous rounds of sporting challenges.

No sporting topic is sacred as the teams compete to see who will come out on top, as their sporting knowledge, physical skills and competitive natures are tested to their limits.

The British Sky original “A League of Their Own” is a massive hit on Sky One with 11 seasons and two further season commissions. James Corden (“The Late Late Show”) chairs the game with team captains Jamie Redknapp and Freddie Flintoff, and comedian Jack Whitehall. The format is also commissioned for a fourth season in Denmark, and has recently aired in Norway.

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Further Information: www.sky.de

Photo: Eine Liga für sich – Buschis Sechserkette: host Frank “Buschi“ Buschmann © Sky Deutschland/WilliWeber