Thearical Release of ‘Die Rüden’ (The Rude) in Germany on August 20, 2020

Tomorrow, Real Fiction will release ‘Die Rüden’ (The Rude) in theaters in Germany. Major parts of Connie Walther’s new feature film were shot at MMC Studios.

'Die Rüden' KinoposterThe Story:

The movie tells the story of four convicted violent criminals, three extremely vicious shelter dogs and a woman who is ready to fight against helpless institutions and the cycle of violence — but above all against her own doubts about redemption from evil.

Production Notes:

The film’s concept was created by director and Grimme Award winner Connie Walther and Nadin Matthews. Cinematography is by Birgit Gudjonsdottir.

The cast includes Nadin Matthews, Ibrahim Al-Khalil, Konstantin Philippe Benedikt, Ali Khalil, Marcel Andrée, Sabine Winterfeldt, Robert Mehl, Gerd Schuster and Mathis Landwehr.

The film was shot on MMC’s soundstage 50 where MMC’s art department had built the shell construction for the film set from a design by production designer Katja Trambow.

The Rude - MMC Studios

The film set of ‘The Rude’. Four young violent criminals meet three threatening dogs in this arena. © Tom Trambow

Hands-on producers GmbH, Cologne, produced the movie in co-production zero one film, Berlin, and SWR in collaboration with ARTE.

It was funded by Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, BKM, MFG Baden-Wuerttemberg, and FFA Filmfoerderungsanstalt.

More information on the film and the filmmakers (in German):

Title Photo: Die Rüden (The Rude) © hands-on producers / Tom Trambow

The Rude - MMC Studios

The shell construction of the film set was built by MMC’s art department on MMC’s soundstage 50. © Tom Trambow