‘I Can See Your Voice’ at MMC Studios: Tickets Are Available Now!

German adaptation of South Korean hit format ‘I Can See Your Voice’ to be shot at MMC Studios at the end of July: Tickets are available now!

Produced by Tresor TV Produktions GmbH, #ICSYV sees a music star and his super fan try and guess skilled vocalists from tone-deaf singers without ever hearing them sing a note.

The music comedy show will feature a celebrity panel from all areas of entertainment, which will help guiding the contestants through various rounds of lip sync challenges, hidden clues and true-or-false evidence.

The rounds will culminate with the selected vocalist revealing whether or not they’re a good or bad singer in a performance on the “Stage of Truth“.

The contestants are gradually eliminated in multiple rounds before the last contestant is finally singing a duet with the music star.

Only if the last singer is a trained vocalist, the music star will win a cash prize for his super fan.

But if the duo has picked a tone-deaf singer, this contestant will receive the cash prize.

RTL will air the new show this summer. In addition, it will stream on RTL Group’s platform TVNOW.

Can you guess a person’s singing talent by never hearing them sing? Be part auf the live audience and find out.

Get your ticket here: https://tvtickets.de/info.php?show=ICSYV

Photo: © TVNOW