Virtual Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of INDUS Holding AG streams live from MMC Studios

INDUS is one of the leading specialists in the field of sustainable investment and development in the German-speaking Small and Mid-sized Enterprise sector. In August, INDUS has held its Annual Shareholders’ Meeting for the first time as a virtual event, due to the corona pandemic.

On behalf of event agency Clou GmbH, MMC was in charge of the full technical TV production and the lighting for the event. For the production of the streaming event, a mobile production gallery was installed in MMC’s studio 35 by MMC’s sister-company Crosscast, which is operating several flyaway production units.

Thus, many things were different on August 13, comparing to previous INDUS shareholders’ meetings. Only a small part of the supervisory board, the executive board and the notary were in the studio. The other Supervisory Board members and up to 200 viewers followed the shareholders’ meeting online.

Almost 80 questions submitted by shareholders were answered during the meeting. After about three hours, the last chart was streamed and the first virtual Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of INDUS came to an end.

Please find a behind-the-scenes report on the virtual event and further pictures on the INDUS website.

Photo: © INDUS Holding AG