MMC Studios-Geschäftsführer Jens Wolf

Interview with MMC Studios’ Managing Director Jens Wolf: “In the studio area we can already see a high capacity utilization in the first half of the year.”

In the series of interviews ‘Retrospect 2020 – Outlook 2021’ on the portal ‘’ (Media City Cologne), Jens Wolf, Managing Director of MMC Studios Köln GmbH, and other representatives of Cologne’s media and cultural industries look back on a difficult year and dare to look ahead – to a hopefully better 2021.

Jens Wolf: “In the studio area, we have a high level of capacity utilization in the first half of the year, primarily through entertainment shows, but also through films, series, and the corporate sector.

We think that even after the end of the pandemic, only some of the corporate events will be face-to-face and the rest will be implemented as virtual events.

In the area of film and series, the trend towards virtual production will continue, as it can be used to bring locations from all over the world into the safe and controllable environment of the studio. This year we will see the first virtual film productions at MMC Studios.

For us, 2021 will be all about innovation. Since January we have our own UHD HDR OB truck, so that we can implement UHD HDR outside broadcast and studio productions of all types and sizes with our own resources.

Furthermore, we have reserved one of our studios specifically for virtual events and equipped it with the appropriate technology.

The expected high capacity utilization of our studios allows us to look forward to 2021 with great optimism.”

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Photo: Jens Wolf. © MMC Studios