MMC Studios Open New Color Grading Theater

Successful premiere for the largest color grading theater in western Germany: In December, the producers of the spy thriller “The Operative” were the first film team to deploy the new digital color grading facility called “The Suite” in Cologne.

The ten meters (33 ft.) wide screen and the state-of-the-art cinema projection and sound technology enable film makers to implement particularly precise color corrections. The offer is very well received: several film production companies already have booked into the color grading theater for the first half of 2019. MMC Studios developed “The Suite” together with the renowned post-production company “WeFadeToGrey”.

The new color grading suite offers producers the latest high-end technology for the post production of feature films. The facility was designed as a movie theater with a 40 square meters (430 sq.ft.) screen, a Christie CP 4230 4K projector, Dolby Atmos sound (Dolby CP 850 Sound Processor and JBL 48 Speaker Dolby Atmos Sound Setup) and a separate lounge area.

“‘The Suite’ covers the most diverse requirements of our customers, whether they wish to finish their fiction projects or use the suite for screenings,” says Bastie Griese, Head of Film Production at MMC Studios Cologne. “This grading theater is the only one of its kind in Germany’s state of North Rhine-Westphalia, and there are very few other comparable facilities in Europe”. It features the FilmLight Baselight Two Generation VII grading system with a Blackboard 2 control surface and the DaVinci Resolve Linux 3-GPU Advanced Panel: “Color correction on such a large screen allows you to work in an extremely precise manner and is relatively tire-free. You really get a true indication of the look,” Swen Linde, Managing Director of WeFadeToGrey, MMC Studios’ strategic partner, adds. “Directors, cinematographers and producers are not only able to see what the audience will eventually see in the cinema, but they are also able hear it: “We have installed the new Dolby Atmos system, which can be found in the most modern movie theaters.”

“The Suite” further expands MMC Studios’ range of services. Those shooting in Cologne are now able to quickly and easily transfer their footage to the local color grading suite. “This makes the production process so much easier,” adds Philip Borbély, Managing Director of MMC Studios. “Efficient processes not only save time, but above all production costs.” Good reasons for the makers of “The Operative” to move the color grading of their international spy thriller starring Diane Kruger and Martin Freeman to MMC Studios. The team around the award-winning director Yuval Adler had already done their filming last summer, amongst other locations also at MMC in Cologne.

Current booking figures show that the offer is actually very well received. “The Suite” has already been booked for the post-production of several major movies and TV series in the first half of 2019. “The industry was eagerly awaiting the opening of ‘The Suite’, as its conditions for post-production are ideal,” adds Borbély. “We are delighted that the federal state with the largest film subsidy program in Germany now boasts such an offer. After all, the new color grading studio renders both the media state of North Rhine-Westphalia and Cologne as a production location even more attractive.”

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Photo Credit: © MMC Studios / Frank Hempel