Cameras Are Rolling at MMC Studios for MMC Movies’ Co-production MONTE VERITÀ

The filming of the feature film MONTE VERITÀ began in Ticino at the end of August and is currently being continued at MMC Studios in Cologne.

Monte Verità Dreh in den MMC Studios

v.l.n.r.: Max Hubacher, Hannah Herzsprung, Julia Jentsch, Maresi Riegner. © tellfilm /COIN FILM / KGP / MMC Movies / Grischa Schmitz

The historical drama by Swiss director Stefan Jäger based on the script by Kornelija Naraks is considered the first feature film about the world’s first “hippie commune”.

At the beginning of the 20th century, many dropouts looked for paradise and found it in southern Switzerland on the famous Monte Verità Mountain.

The movie, which is set in 1906, tells the story of a young mother longing for emancipation and artistic self-realization and who is finally breaking free from bourgeois constraints.

The leading roles are played by Maresi Riegner, Max Hubacher, Joel Basman, Julia Jentsch, and Hannah Herzsprung.

MONTE VERITÀ-Dreharbeiten im Tessin. © tellfilm /COIN FILM / KGP / MMC Movies / Grischa Schmitz

The filming takes place in Ticino, Italy, Vienna, Austria, and currently at MMC Studios in Cologne, Germany.

Tellfilm GmbH Zurich, COIN FILM Cologne, KGP Filmproduktion Vienna and MMC Movies Cologne are the first to shoot a 3-country co-production between Switzerland, Germany and Austria under corona conditions.

The production is supported by Film- und Medienstiftung NRW and the DFFF, as well as the Federal Office for Culture, the Zurich Film Foundation, RSI Radio Televisione Svizzera, FiSS, the Austrian Film Institute, the Vienna Film Fund, FISA, and Austrian public channel ORF.

DCM Film Distribution will release MONTE VERITÀ in German theaters at the end of 2021.

Photo: Front, fl.t.r. Hannah Herzsprung, Max Hubacher, Maresi Riegner, Joel Basman, and Julia Jentsch. Back, f.l.t.r. Katrin Renz (producer tellfilm), Christine Kiauk (producer COIN FILM), Herbert Schwering (producer COIN FILM), Jens Wolf (managing director MMC Studios Cologne), and Neshe Demir (producer MMC Movies Cologne). © tellfilm / COIN FILM / KGP / MMC Movies / Grischa Schmitz