Eine Liga für sich - Buschis Sechserkette

Starting January 25th, New Episodes of “Eine Liga für sich” from MMC Studios Airing Exclusively on Sky 1

Right on time for the second half of the German Bundesliga season, Frank “Buschi” Buschmann is back with his successful sports comedy show “Eine Liga für sich – Buschis Sechserkette” (A League of Their Own – Buschis Back Six).

The six new episodes of the second season feature Panagiota Petridou and Matze Knop and other familiar faces as well as many new guests.

Among Buschi’s guests are Esther Sedlaczek, Lothar Matthaeus, Giovanni Zarrella, Julius Brink, Bodo Illgner, Bjoern Werner, Patrick Owomoyela, Jan Koeppen, Georg Hackl, Peter Neururer, Thomas Haessler, Raphael Holzdeppe, Florian Schmidt-Sommerfeld (“Schmiso”), Moritz Fuerste, Micky Beisenherz and Sven Hannawald.

Starting January 25th, 2018, the new episodes will air every Thursday at 8:15 pm on Sky 1 as well as on Sky On Demand, Sky Go and Sky Ticket.

Produced by Redseven Entertaiment, the shows are recorded at MMC Studio 35 in Cologne. On behalf of Redseven Entertaiment, MMC Studios are responsible for the technical production and MMC Studios’ Art Department is in charge of the set construction. Account manager Mick Nohl supervises the production for MMC Studios.

More about “Eine Liga für sich – Buschis Sechserkette”
The 50-minute show is a high-energy, supersized panel show that blends sports, comedy and entertainment like no other format on German television. Taking its cue from sports fans’ obsession with lists and statistics, every week celebrity guests join team regulars as they battle it out across three riotous rounds of sporting challenges.

No sporting topic is sacred as the teams compete to see who will come out on top, as their sporting knowledge, physical skills and competitive natures are tested to their limits.

The British Sky original “A League of Their Own” is a massive hit on Sky One. The show hosted by James Corden ( “The Late Late Show”, “Carpool Karaoke”) is on air in the UK since 2010.

Further Information: www.sky.de

Sources: sky.de, redarrowinternational.tv

Photo: Eine Liga für sich – Buschis Sechserkette: Matze Knop, Frank Buschmann and Panagiota Petridou. © SKY Deutschland GmbH/Willi Weber