Dog vs. Cat: New TV Show ‘Hund vs. Katze – Rütter gegen Boes’ Tonight on RTL

Dog vs. cat: which is the better pet? The TV show ‘Hund vs. Katze – Rütter gegen Boes’ produced at MMC Studios wants to find out. In the new comedy gameshow hosted by Ruth Moschner dog advocate Martin Rütter and cat fan Mirja Boes are into a duel to convince the studio audience, which type is the better pet.

Hund vs. Katze - Rütter gegen Boes

Credit: MG RTL D / Guido Engels

The audience consists of 100 dog owners, 100 cat owners and 300 audience members who never had a pet. The dog expert and the cat crazy comedienne try to win the votes of the 300 non-pet owners by making a good case and by competing in games in favor of their favorite animal. The two animal friends also receive special support from prominent guests.

On behalf of Mina TV, MMC is responsible for the full technical production of the prime time show as well as for set design and set construction.

Probably you have already decided on your preferred pet type. But take a wild guess: Which pet will the studio audience favor?

Watch it tonight at 8:15 pm on RTL.

Title photo: f.l. Martin Rütter, Ruth Moschner and Mirja Boes. Credit: MG RTL D / Guido Engels