New Netflix Show ‘Wer kann, der kann!’ Post Produced at MMC Studios

On January 17, the comedy baking show ‘Wer kann, der kann!’ is starting on Netflix. On behalf of production company UFA SHOW & FACTUAL, MMC Studios is in charge of the post production of the German ‘Nailed it!’ adaptation.

A lot of fun and hilarious baking fails guaranteed: In each of the six 35 minute episodes, three amateur bakers compete against each other to demonstrate their talent. Under the strict eyes of the jury, consisting of host Angelina Kirsch, pastry chef and world champion Bernd Siefert, and a guest judge, elaborate cakes, desserts, and more have to be created. The results are not always tasty or great in design, but always entertaining!

In each episode, the contestant who most closely replicates professional results wins 5,000 Euros. But of course, no one on the show really ever gets close to perfection. Instead, the contestants often create desserts that are hilariously off the mark.

Watch ‘Wer kann, der kann!’, the show that celebrates imperfection, from January 17 exclusively on Netflix.

Photo: youtube