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Papa Moll Hits German Movie Theaters Today!

Today, MMC’s coproduction “Papa Moll” will be released in Germany. Parts of the family entertainment movie were shot at the MMC Studios.

Papa Moll is home alone with his kids over the weekend, and mayhem ensues. While Moll is working overtime at the chocolate factory the kids get into a feud with the nasty boys next door – a fight about cotton candy, homework and the most famous circus dog in the world. Watch the German trailer here:

The kind-hearted Mr. Moll and his family are Swiss cultural heritage. With his appearance in the “Junior” magazines, the cartoon character also became famous in Germany. 1.5 million Moll products have found their way to young readers over more than six decades. Now this legendary character, Papa Moll, is about to make his long-awaited screen debut in Germany. The movie takes the audience into a fairytale past and offers entertainment for the whole family.

Two times Grimme Award winner Stefan Kurt (“Pettson and Findus 2 & 3”, “Alive and Ticking”, “Die Affäre Semmeling”) gives a great performance as Papa Moll.

German Papa Moll movie poster

German Papa Moll movie poster © Zodiac Pictures

Production notes
The shooting for “Papa Moll und die Entführung des fliegenden Hundes” (Papa Moll and the Kidnapping of the Flying Dog) started on August 6, 2016 and took 36 days. The main motifs were shot in the canton of Aargau in Switzerland.

Further shots were made in Bad Zurzach (circus Pompinelli, police station, thermal bath and tavern), Baden (Murmlikon town center) and Strengelbach (the house of Mr. Moll, outside & garden), before the team moved on to the MMC Studios in Cologne to do the interior shots of the Moll house. Based on the production design of Julian R. Wagner (“V8 – Du willst der Beste sein”), MMC’s art department built the house on soundstage 41. On September 28, 2016, the last stop was in Görlitz, where the scenes playing in the chocolate factory were shot in the Landskron brewery.

The family, adventure and comedy film was written by Manuel Flurin Hendry, Matthias Pacht and Jann Preuss and directed by Manuel Flurin Hendry. Felix Novo de Oliveira (“Rico, Oskar und der Diebstahlstein “) was the DoP.

The film is based on the picture stories by Edith Oppenheim-Jonas, published by Globi Verlag Zurich.

The German-Swiss coproduction was produced by the producers of “Heidi” – Lukas Hobi and Reto Schaerli of Zodiac Pictures (“The Divine Order”, “Gotthard”) – in co-production with MMC Zodiac, SRF, Impuls Media Group and Teleclub.

The movie was backed by Federal Office of Culture, Zurich Film Foundation, SRF, SRG SSR, Teleclub, Kanton Luzern and Aargau, DFFF, Suissimage, and MEDIA Development. Further partners are the Foundation for the Promotion of Health Bad Zurzach + Baden, the Municipality Bad Zurzach, as well as Aargau Tourism.

On April 12, 2018 polyband will release “Papa Moll und die Entführung des fliegenden Hundes” in Germany.

International sales are handled by ARRI MEDIA Worldsales (International title: “Mr. Moll and the Chocolate Factory”).

Further Information on the movie (in German):

Photo: Evi (Luna Paiano), Papa Moll (Stefan Kurt) and Willy (Yven Hess). © Zodiac Pictures/Pascal Mora