Kia Motors Germany Dealer Convention 2014

  • Kia Dealer Convention 2014: corporate set construction “Kia City”
    © Lemonpie / Guido Leifhelm

Title: Kia Motors Germany Dealer Convention 2014

Client: Joke Event AG


  • MMC Studio 30/31: conference, workshops, and evening event
  • MMC Studio 33: workshops and back office
  • MMC Hall “North Foyer”: workshops
  • Coloneum Mall: red carpet and lounge
  • MMC Main Foyer: reception area

MMC’s Services:

  • leasing of event locations
  • production offices and adjoining rooms
  • construction approvals
  • set construction “Kia City”
  • project coordination
  • lighting
  • media and projection technology
  • audio equipment and P.A.
  • facility management and logistics
  • technical and supporting staff

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