Press Release: MMC Studios Group Appoints New Managing Directors

Hacik Kölcü and Jens Wolf appointed as new managing directors / Crosscast Holding GmbH holds 100% of shares in MMC Studios and subsidiaries / MMC to offer outside broadcasts in the future / MMC location ‘Coloneum’ to become hotspot for innovative production technologies

With effect from October 11th, 2019, Hacik Kölcü and Jens Wolf have been appointed to the management team of MMC Holding GmbH in order to jointly manage the group of companies and its subsidiaries. The business operations of Crosscast GmbH and the MMC Group will be merged. Following the successful restructuring of MMC, the former managing director, Philip Borbély, is now leaving the company as planned.

“With Crosscast, we have established innovative and very successful concepts in outside broadcasting in recent years, such as flight case and smart/reality productions,” explains Jens Wolf, who is now responsible for studio productions. “Especially the new production standards are increasingly sought after in the show and entertainment segment. This is true, for example, for standards such as UHD or the ‘Cinematic Broadcast Workflow’ developed by us, which combines classic TV productions and cameras with a feature film dynamic range as well as visually appealing images.”

The experienced managers Wolf and Kölcü are responsible for expanding the MMC Group’s footprint in the German market and setting the course for profitable growth. In particular, their focus will be on new production methods, technology partnerships and the development in the outside broadcast business. “In addition to classic TV production, we will thus evolve as an innovative production service provider for studio productions and outside broadcasts. This is the path Crosscast and MMC will jointly venture on in the future,” says Hacik Kölcü.

In addition to expanding its MMC services – studio rental and production, post-production and stage and set construction – the MMC Group intends to expand its international presence in the areas of live broadcasting, feature film and series production. MMC Movies Köln GmbH, the film production arm of MMC, is jointly managed by Jens Wolf and Bastie Griese. In the future, the production company will also use new attractive financing models to realize co-productions.

Along with the appointment of the new management, Crosscast Holding GmbH takes over 100% of the shares in MMC Holding GmbH and its subsidiaries MMC Studios Köln GmbH, MMC Movies Köln GmbH and, subordinated since October 11th, 2019, Crosscast GmbH. Crosscast Holding GmbH is owned by the Frankfurt investment company Novum Capital and the new managing directors Wolf and Kölcü.

About Hacik Kölcü
With over 30 years of experience in the technical implementation of television productions and the sales of production services, Hacik Kölcü is a well-known player in the industry. He founded Crosscast GmbH together with Jens Wolf in 2014. His competence lies particularly in the development of innovative flight case units and exceptional production vehicles.

About Jens Wolf
Jens Wolf, who has a degree in Computer Science (FH), founded Crosscast GmbH together with Hacik Kölcü in 2014 and has since been managing the company as managing director, innovation manager and TV director. In addition to international eSport stadium events such as ‘ESL One’ and ‘Intel Extreme Masters’, he directs various TV formats and develops efficient production workflows for smart, flight case and remote productions.

About Crosscast
Crosscast started in 2014 with a flight case production control room and a small outside broadcast van and is today a highly sought after production partner for the technical realization of innovative TV productions for classic production houses as well as for eSports, remote production and smart production on a flight case basis.

About MMC
Since 1991, MMC has provided the best production conditions and all desired services from one source. With the ‘Coloneum’ in Cologne, privately held MMC offers one of the largest and most modern studio lots in Europe with 20 TV studios and soundstages. With its excellent studio infrastructure, state-of-the-art production technology, highly efficient post-production, excellent set construction and experienced staff, MMC Studios Köln GmbH is the leading full-service provider for entertainment shows and TV series in Germany.

About Novum Capital
Novum Capital is an independent and owner-managed private equity house based in Frankfurt am Main, which primarily invests pension funds in German medium-sized companies. All partners at Novum Capital have many years of private equity and mezzanine experience and have teamed up after careers in renowned investment banks to invest in upper mid-market companies in Europe.

Photo: MMC Studios’ new managing directors, Hacik Kölcü and Jens Wolf. Credit: MMC Studios

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