Roast the Host: Production for ‘Täglich frisch geröstet’ (Fresh Roasted Daily) is underway at MMC Studios

The new show has everything a late night show needs: a house band and studio games as well as celebrity guests and talks. So everything as usual? Definitely not: in every show there is new host and a new roaster.

While the roastee takes on the challenge of hosting the show with classic late night elements, the roaster will be glad to holding him over an open flame.

At the end of the show, the performance of the host will be judged by the roaster.

Who is brave enough to take the stage?

In the premiere episode, actor Ralf Moeller (known for Gladiator, The Scorpion King, Universal Soldier) takes on the challenge and finds himself on the receiving end of barbs served up by the roaster.

Eight episodes of the show will be produced at MMC Studios and our Technical Operations team is in charge of the technical TV production on behalf of Brainpool and RAAB TV.

‘Täglich frisch geröstet’ will premiere on November 16 at 8:15 pm on RTL Group’s streaming service TVNOW.