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Kia Dealer Convention at MMC’s studio 30/31 © Lemonpie / Guido Leifhelm

Events & Trade Shows in the MMC Studios

A location where film and TV stars come and go is obviously also an ideal location for effective events and trade shows. The studios at MMC’s Coloneum studio lot provide not only an attractive location with a perfect infrastructure for events of all kinds and sizes but also a particularly special atmosphere.

On request, we plan the entire project and its realization including event location, corporate set design, set construction, construction of individual trade show stands, furniture and catering (free choice of caterer is possible), as well as event technology, technical TV-production and live streaming of hybrid events, digital events, virtual events and other streaming events. Our event team supports you with the overall organization and ensures quality for you through project coordination on location.

Seeking an attractive event or trade show location with excellent services? We are happy to advise you!

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Event & Trade Show Projects