‘Four Rooms’ Adapdation Produced at MMC Studios with New and Extended Slot on RTL

From October 26, ‘Die Superhändler – 4 Räume, 1 Deal’ produced at MMC Studios Köln GmbH has a new and extended slot on channel RTL. The antiques television show, which is an adaption of the British factual formatted series ‘Four Rooms’, extends to 90 minutes and will now air at 4 p.m. Mondays-Fridays.

On behalf of UFA SHOW & FACTUAL, MMC is taking care of the technical TV-production, our art department was in charge of show’s set construction, and the post-production for the series is performed at MMC Studios.

Hosted by Sükrü Pehlivan, the new episodes will once again feature members of the public trying to sell their prized item for the value they believe it is worth.

High-profile dealers such as Markus Reinecke, Markus Siepmann, Manuela Schikorsky, Johanna Schultz, Thomas Käfer, Paco Steinbeck, and Heidi Körner will be waiting in three separate rooms, each ready to make an offer if the right item comes through their door.

Sellers must decide when to accept an offer or when to walk out. But once an offer has been declined, there is no going back.

Which sellers will be smart enough to make the deal of a lifetime and who will get greedy and leave with nothing?

Find out from October 26, Mo-Fri at 4 p.m. on RTL.

Photo: Sükrü Pehlivan. Credit: TVNOW/Andreas Friese