The 3sat-Countries Roast at MMC Studios

Be part of the ultimate comedy slugfest between Austria, Switzerland, and Germany, and watch the ‘3satLänder-Roast’ (3sat-Countries Roast) live at MMC Studios!

The three countries are at first glance similar in many ways, but in fact the rather ambivalent neighborhood around the Alps is characterized by malice, mockery and affection. Who could be a better mediator than 3sat, the public television channel for the three German-speaking countries?

Hosted by Janin Ullmann, the comedians Erika Ratcliffe from Austria, Dominic Deville from Switzerland, and Ingmar Stadelmann from Germany each will poke fun at the countries of origin of the others. The studio audience will consist of Austrians, Swiss and Germans, who will support their fellow country(wo)man comedian. Would you like to witness this funny exchange of blows?

Get your tickets for the show’s taping on November 29th here:

3sat will air the comedy show on Monday, December 30th at 11.30 p.m.

Photo credit: ZDF / Bildundtonfabrik Köln