Today ‘The Dr. Wimmer Show’ Premieres on SAT.1

The 20 episodes of season 1 were taped at MMC Studios.

On behalf of Sony Pictures FFP, our technical operations and art department teams provided the full technical TV production, the set design and the set construction for the new medical talk show.

Die Dr. Wimmer Show in den MMC Studios

Das Set der “Dr. Wimmer Show” in den MMC Studios. © MMC Studios / Frank Hempel

Dr. Johannes Wimmer answers all questions relating to health, sexuality, and well-being, regardless of whether it’s a woman’s orgasm, diet, headache or rash.

The general practitioner, bestselling author and YouTube star makes expert medical knowledge understandable for average lay people due to his ability to present health topics in an informative and entertaining way.

SAT.1 presents ‘The Dr. Wimmer Show’ from Mondays to Fridays at 10:00 a.m.

The shows will also be available on SAT.1 LIVESTREAM and for catch-up on the streaming service Joyn.

Tomorrow’s episode will focus on cosmetic surgery. Forever young and attractive — that’s why many lay down under the knife.

But cosmetic surgery is dangerous and can also go wrong. In the show, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Volker Rippmann explains the consequences of such an intervention.

Photo 1: Dr. Wimmer. © SAT.1

Photo 2: The set of the “Dr. Wimmer Show” at MMC Studios. © MMC Studios / Frank Hempel