Successful Virtual Production Showcase at MMC Studios

With the demand for virtual production space steeply rising, MMC, ETC and LAVAlabs organized an informative event to update their clients on the latest available technology and hardware, involved in creating successful virtual film productions or events.

Virtual Production Showcase at MMC Studios.The cooperation partners MMC Studios, LAVAlabs Moving Images and Entertainment Technology Concepts presented their virtual production showcase on July 30 and 31 on MMC’s soundstage 32 in Cologne.

The event was supported by PMT Professional Motion Technology, mls magic light + sound, and WeFadeToGrey.

The Virtual Production Set offers a dynamic backdrop for a variety of productions, e.g. series, films, entertainment shows, corporate events, virtual events.

Virtual Production Showcase at MMC Studios.“MMC Studios are the hot spot for every kind of moving-image production in Germany, so the best way seemed to organize a real-life demo in our Cologne based studios, with a complete set up of all the components involved and an actress performing in the set” comments Jens Wolf, Managing Director at MMC Studios.

Using a virtual background cannot only reduce the costs of on-location shoots and the post-production time, it also can boost the performance of the actors involved.

Virtual Production Showcase at MMC Studios.As actress Neshe Demir explains: “You’re directly in the right environment depicted in the scene, so you don’t have to visualize it. I could feel that my body reflections reacted to the environment shown, making the acting much more natural and easier”.

For the set in the MMC Studios a backwall, measuring 96 sqm, consisting of 416 ROE Visual Diamond DM2.6 LED panels was used for the on-camera shoots, requiring a finer pixel pitch.

Virtual Production Showcase at MMC Studios.In order to bring the larger items into a virtual world, a larger screen, measuring almost 22 x 10 meter and consisting of 288 ROE Visual Carbon CB5 panels was used.

Additional dynamic lighting and reflections were created using a flown LED ceiling of 45 Carbon Series CB5 panels, enhancing the level of accuracy and realism.


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Photos: Virtual Production Showcase at MMC Studios. © MMC Studios / Hans-Jörg Seibold