‘Winnetou – A New World’ will air on VOX this Thursday!

The Western movie is the first film of a high-budget drama trilogy by Phillip Stoelzl on the Apache chief.

During the shoot back in 2015, MMC Studios’ soundstages transformed into the “Wild West” since all interiors shots for the movies were filmed in Cologne.

Winnetou - MMC Studios

Winnetou-Dreh in den MMC Studios. © Wolfgang Ennenbach

The on-location shoot – with scenes like impressive horse riding trips through the prairie – took place in Croatia.

The films are based on the books of Karl May: The adventure writer working around 1900 actually never visited the American West.

But he did such a great job in writing about it that the books of his ‘Winnetou’ Western cycle have sold over 200 million copies worldwide – making him one of the most famous German authors of all time.

The first film – ‘Winnetou – A New World’ – is portraying the budding friendship of Winnetou and Old Shatterhand.

Watch it on March 7th at 8:15 pm on VOX!

Photo 1: f.l. Nik Xhelilaj and Wotan Wilke Möhring. © TVNOW / Nikola Predovic

Photo 2: ‘Winnetou’ filming at the MMC Studios. © Wolfgang Ennenbach